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Initial Phone or In-Person Consultation


Katy will discuss your needs, answer questions, and describe service options.

Free of Charge

Comprehensive Package


Students typically work comprehensively with Katy, ideally beginning the process in their junior year, although some may prefer to start as earl​y as their sophomore year. Families choosing the comprehensive package receive a minimum of 35 hours of support and assistance for up to 10 separate applications. 


Services include:


  • In-depth interview process including questionnaires and conversations with student and parents.

  • Review of transcript and academic records; recommendations for coursework.

  • Recommendations regarding extra-curricular activities and community service.

  • Recommendations for summer programs, jobs, or activities.

  • Guidance with writing a resume and recording activities in preparation for interviews and applications.

  • Incorporation of assessment to better understand student preferences, learning styles, and possible career choices.

  • Advice on how to prepare for standardized tests (SAT, ACT) and information about chosing to apply test optional.

  • Creation of a preliminary list of “great fit” colleges that reflect student academic interests, personal preferences, selectivity, and financial needs.

  • Changes and additions to the college list as the process evolves.

  • Suggestions on researching colleges, demonstrating interest, and arranging college visits and interviews.

  • Practice with interviewing.

  • Explanation of the application process, deadlines, and expectations.

  • Advice on applying early decision, early action, or regular decision.

  • Assistance with organizing and prioritizing steps in the process.

  • Guidance with responding to essay prompts and supplemental questions.

  • Proof-reading of applications and essays.

  • Advice on providing supplemental application materials. Please note that the package does not include applications for scholarships or honors colleges, or the creation of art or music supplements. 

  • Explanation of need and merit-based financial aid.

  • Suggestions for time management and assistance with breaking up the process into manageable tasks. 

  • On-going meetings and communication by email to answer questions.

  • Guidance with making final decisions and preparing for college.

Rush Service 


The comprehensive package, which usually begins in the sophomore or junior year, can be condensed for families requiring services closer to application deadlines. Contact Katy to discuss your particular needs to see if she has availability.

List Package


Families who are looking for assistance with identifying colleges that are a good academic, social, and financial fit can work with Katy to develop a balanced list. This package, culminating in a robust list of college suggestions and recommendations, includes a review of documents, a student interview, the collection of family questionnaires, a career assessment and career-focused meeting, access to an extensive college database until May of the senior year, and a follow-up meeting to revisit the list after exploring options.

Hourly Consultation

Katy is also able to work hourly with clients to help guide specific aspects of the admissions process as defined in the comprehensive package. Contact Katy to discuss your particular needs to see if she has availability.

Please use the CONTACT form to inquire about options and fees. 

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