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I'm a junior at Gonzaga College High School. I was nervous about the college admissions process, but Mrs. Baytosh helped me relax. She is super easy to talk to and broke the process down into manageable pieces. At first, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college. She helped me identify schools that fit my learning style, preferences in location, and interests. It was amazing how many schools she had first hand knowledge of. She was able to give me names of schools to visit as we traveled to different areas of the country. My school counselors are great, but they can't provide the personalized attention Mrs. Baytosh offers. I would highly recommend her.

Student, Alexandria, VA

My daughter and I sought some last-minute advice from Katy on our list of colleges this past October, and Katy was fantastic, providing thoughtful, balanced and thorough advice on our choices and suggesting additional schools that matched my daughter's background and interests. Katy asked all the right questions and was able to quickly understand my daughter's aspirations and preferences, and because of the depth and breadth of her knowledge of colleges and universities, she was able to give us the additional, independent and  professional perspective we needed to move on to the next step in the application process. Katy is approachable, sensitive and honest; she connects immediately to teens and is a pleasure to talk to. I was really grateful for her guidance and would definitely recommend her to any family seeking support or advice on the college application process.

Parent, Chevy Chase, MD

Katy's insight, passion, and organizational skills were huge benefit to our family's college search.

Parent, Rockville, MD

Katy suggested schools my son might not have otherwise considered, while also helping him narrow his focus so the task was not as overwhelming. She took the time to get to know his interests and preferences and came up with a manageable list of schools for him to explore, She also spent lots of time talking with me about her different impressions of the colleges, which was much more enlightening than reading the website or a college guidebook. It was great to have Katy's knowledge and support on our side. Thank you, Katy!

Parent, Sandy Spring, MD

Applying to college is a complex and time consuming process. With Katy's insight and guidance we were able to navigate the mountains of information and focus on colleges where she thought our son could thrive.


Parent, Rockville, MD

The college search and application journey is daunting for students and parents alike.  Working with Baytosh College Advising quickly transformed my son's outlook from foot-dragging and floundering to focused and confident about the entire process. Ms. Baytosh helped my son with everything from school choice advice to application and essay critique to interviewing skills practice. With her patient and professional assistance, my son found the right college and is extremely happy about his choice. Without hesitation, I recommend Baytosh College Advising to any family with a college bound student. 

Parent, Springfield, VA

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